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Tinys Galerie Tiny de Bruin

Tinys Galerie Tiny de Bruin

Biography Tiny de Bruin 06-26218615 Painting shapes defining moments in life The paintings of Tiny de Bruin give the reference to the central theme "Patterns of Life," an impression of several defining moments of a lifetime. They tell at a glance the story of the changing processes that are so important in life. "The inspiration comes from nature, her immediate surroundings and stories she hears or reads. Cheerful colours and wild paintings are an expression of creativity and enthusiasm. She wants her paintings to create a moment where the thinking process stops and intuition takes over. Her work is abstract figurative. She works a lot with an art scraper by which she edits sand and paint on her canvases. People comment her work using terms as uplifting, colourful and dynamic.

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