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Online exhibitie voor moderne schilderkunst
Lotte van Doren

Lotte van Doren

My artist name is TraumArt, but my real name is Lotte Van Doren. I come from Belgium and started making art since a very young age. It is only a few years now that it became much more than just a hobby. TraumArt exists out of two words: Trauma and Art. I've been through a lot of trauma myself and spend years in psychiatric wards to cope with everything that happened in my past. An important part of my recovery is art. It heals, it really does. My art isn't just very dark but also shows a lot of beauty.

My style is very experimental. I love trying new things, new materials, new styles and new ways of painting. I hope to create unique pieces that make people think. I am not a professional artist but sell occasionally. All my paintings are for sale and it would be a very great support if you considered buying a piece, so that i can cover my expenses and keep creating, keep healing, keep healthy and hopefully eventually break the great stigma around mental health.

The mind is a source of inspiration, to create and visualize our emotions it a powerful way of coping with life.

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